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Jessica Lara

Contracts Coordinator

University of California, Berkeley, B.A. English Literature

The Writer

My zone of genius is planning, conducting, and coordinating client contracts to support our accounting manager, project managers, and technical staff. I first became interested in legislative analysis when I worked for the City of San Francisco as a Survey Associate with a focus on condominium conversions and local land use laws. As an avid reader and writer, I’ve always had a fervent love of language: analyzing and crafting text comes naturally to me.

Embracing Challenge

Nothing motivates me like a good challenge as the means to refine and better myself. I believe that even when things don’t go my way and circumstances become difficult, there is always a solution and I will learn through the experience. That’s why I love coming to work every day: our team values good work, great people, and being as helpful as possible to those around us. Before Salter, I taught elementary school and spent a year working as an educator in Spain. My hobbies are anything related to crafts, especially refurbishing furniture and creating stationary. Outdoor time is essential: my favorite Sundays are the ones that start with making a quick sandwich, packing water, and heading out for a hike or bike ride with family and friends.