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Where the science of engineering meets the art of relationships.

As technology responds to the needs of society, we look ahead to new solutions. Our team is ready for challenges, expanding our expertise to meet the industry’s leading edge. Though our capabilities are dynamic, one thing never changes: our commitment to our clients. We value the art of relationships as much as the science of engineering.


Four decades ago, we built a reputation on achievements like Lucasfilm Skywalker Ranch and Dolby Studios.

Acoustics + Noise

Salter was founded in 1975 as an acoustical consulting firm. Our approach is to collaborate with design teams to create environments whose acoustics support their intended functions. We provide services tailored to each projects’ unique requirements. Typically, this involves reducing exterior noise intrusion, such as from freeway traffic, trains, and aircraft; reducing noise from building systems, such as HVAC, plumbing, and elevators; improving sound isolation between spaces; and collaborating on the interior design to achieve appropriate room acoustics.


Salter offers audiovisual systems consulting and design for a variety of markets, including workplace, education, recording/broadcast, and residential. Our services vary based on programming (to define functional requirements) and budgets, and include preparing bridging documents for design-build as well as full-design documentation with final system verification. We not only select and locate screens and loudspeakers, but also design cable infrastructure, coordinate with architectural elements – such as millwork, conference room tables, and lecterns – and provide electrical and cooling requirements. Typical projects include audio systems, video walls, teleconferencing, distance-learning systems, sound masking, and network operations centers. Salter does not sell, manufacture, or install equipment and has no alliance with any brand. We recommend systems and equipment best suited for our clients’ needs.


Telecommunications infrastructure services encompass the design of structured cabling within buildings to support network services for data, voice, video, smart building technology, and security systems. These services also extend to planning for inter-building connections and across entire campuses. We coordinate with architects and electrical, mechanical, and civil engineers to address cable pathways, space requirements, and equipment room design for buildings of all types. Our telecommunications capabilities encompass:


  • Technology Master Planning
  • Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), also known as cellular or neutral host DAS
  • Emergency Responder Radio Communications Systems (ERRCS), previously known as emergency DAS
  • Wireless Network Systems including Wi-Fi heat mapping
  • Network Engineering
  • Smart Building Design


Salter offers the following services related to security design: vulnerability assessments, feasibility studies, security master planning, standards development, systems engineering, and commissioning. Security systems design covers access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, intercom, duress communications, operations centers, and detention control. Salter also has in-depth knowledge of related building systems with which security systems need to integrate, such as electronic locking hardware, elevator controls, and fire/life safety.

We’ve consulted on the design for thousands of buildings in the residential, corporate, media arts, healthcare, and community sectors.

Other Services


A building and its occupants are susceptible to vibration disturbance from external and internal sources. Trains, trucks, and construction activities can generate vibration that travels through the ground and transmits to nearby structures. Within a building, human activity and mechanical equipment can set the structure in motion. Inaudible, low-frequency vibration can be sensed by the body and can therefore be disruptive to human activity and rest. Certain types of scientific and industrial equipment – e.g., MRI, lasers, and video projection equipment – are sensitive to vibration at frequencies imperceptible to humans.

Sound Masking

Sound masking systems add electronically generated noise to an environment to improve speech privacy and minimize workplace distractions. The sound masking system designer must account for the principles of acoustics, electro-acoustics, and human perception, since poorly-designed and implemented systems can create as many problems as they solve. When properly implemented in a workplace environment, sound masking can reduce one’s awareness of unwanted sounds, making a work environment more comfortable, while lessening distractions so workers can better concentrate and be more productive. Open-plan offices, medical waiting areas, patient consulting areas, detention centers, conference rooms, and other areas where speech privacy is an issue can benefit from reliable sound masking systems.

Expert Witness

We have participated as expert witnesses in hundreds of cases concerning noise and vibration. These cases involve the noise impact from sources as diverse as neighbors, freeways, rapid transit, plumbing systems, music, mechanical equipment, aircraft flyovers, and the San Francisco cable car system. We also testify in trials, mediations, and arbitrations. We work with the team to determine the extent of a problem, develop remediation designs, and provide expert advice to the legal team regarding the efficacy and feasibility of proposed solutions. We provide these services to both the defense and plaintiffs.

Audio, Video, and Multi-Media Forensics

Since 1992, Audio Forensic Center (AFC) – a subsidiary of Salter – has provided objective scientific analyses regarding audio and video technology and recorded evidence. AFC provides expert testimony and consultation in the following areas: audio and video recording analysis, enhancement and authentication, transcription from noisy recordings, audibility analysis (warning signals, etc.), voice identification and elimination, forensic musicology, and audio technology patent claims. Our staff has qualified as experts in Federal and State courts and works on cases throughout the U.S. and internationally.