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Dion Baker

Administrative Assistant

Chabot College, Marketing



Excellence in Everything

I strive daily not only to do my best in everything, no matter what that may be, but also to inspire the best in others to do what inspires them most. There is no better way to do this, I believe, than to set a good example. With a college background in marketing, the servant-leadership model instilled in me from my parents, and spending years in a customer-first environment in technical support, I have established the foundation of my brand. Whether leading a financial committee for a non-profit organization, supervising a group of technical support agents, or leading my family, these experiences have set a theme for me.

The Fun of the Pursuit

This theme of excellence translates into the intensity of my personal accomplishments. Whether achieving an advanced martial arts degree as an adult, enjoying the fourth decade of my marriage, working out with my family, cycling, reading, or playing music, to me, the fun is in the pursuit of excellence.