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Chelsea Hall

Marketing Coordinator

California State University Los Angeles, Fine Arts – Animation



The Presentation Is Important

A fascination with understanding the way people think and my creative nature is what led me to marketing. While our consultants provide top-notch services, my job is to support them by helping present that to the world. When my colleagues need a proposal and qualifications package, a graphic to demonstrate an acoustical concept, or holiday video, I’m there to roll up my sleeves and get to work.

The Storyteller

I’m always working on little projects like painting a portrait, hand-sewing a doll, or animating a fun GIF. Once, after wrapping up filming on one of our holiday videos, a fellow Salterite asked if I considered myself an artist. It was such a flattering question, but I feel more at home with the title Storyteller. To me, the fun of creating anything is crafting a narrative and communicating that with another person. My goal is always to tell a story, the art is simply the packaging the story comes in.