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Romeo Francisco


UC Santa Barbara, Computer Science



From Contracts to Acoustics

After working as Salter’s Contracts Coordinator for 2 years, I was given the opportunity to become an Acoustics Consultant. Since childhood, I have always been interested in music and engineering, which was solidified by graduating in the Space and Engineering Academy in high school. I enjoy learning the technical side of the projects at Salter and how I can apply that knowledge to everyday life.

From Sounds Waves to Beach Waves

I am a big art and music geek. I taught myself how to play the strings, piano, and saxophone at a very young age. Learning how to play instruments had a big impact on my childhood as it taught me essential life lessons that shaped who I am today. During my free time, I like to stay active. I have been a swimmer ever since the age of 4,  joining competitive water polo and swimming teams all throughout my high school and college years. You can also find me relaxing by the beach, either tossing a frisbee or taking a plunge in the water.