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Matthew Hsiung

Senior Consultant

San Jose State University, B.S. Mechanical Engineering

  • Firm Affiliate of AIA Silicon Valley
  • American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers

Ceaseless Curiosity

Choosing engineering as a focus was a byproduct of my curiosity. Challenging fields often lead to a worthwhile payoff of accomplishment and proficiency. There are so many things to discover and learn, it would be a shame to squander these opportune rewards. With each acoustics project comes a crux distinct from others, which makes the solution and learning experience all the more significant and beneficial.

I enjoy tightening my degree of precision in the acoustics work I do. In the field, I might have to find a different solution to appropriately investigate a certain case. Things are usually different in the field than expected, so creativity is necessary.

Woodworking and Music

For a creative outlet, I often return to woodworking and music. Combining these two hobbies led to one of my most gratifying accomplishments: building a guitar from scratch. I’m goal-oriented and enjoy fixing and building things, working with my hands to create something I can proudly display or use. Learning how to play the guitar was also very meaningful to me. I find that playing an instrument opens a channel where you can funnel your ideas and let it flow out, like a therapeutic process.