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Lauren von Blohn


Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, B.S. Electrical Engineering

  • HAM Radio
  • Acoustics Society of America
  • Audio Engineering Society
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

The Observer

To me, architecture and music are the most elegant storytellers about our societal, technological, and aesthetic values. They communicate our past, present, and future in a universal language everyone can connect with. My niche is mechanical and electrical noise, room acoustics, sound isolation, and signal processing. I am well versed in current architectural design trends and technology, especially high grade recording studio and audio equipment. My word choice is just as significant as my expertise: I take the time to notice how clients absorb information and communicate accordingly.

What Matters Most

I have always known I needed to work with sound and music to feel like I’m making a difference, because ultimately this is what matters to me. I have tried my hand at being a musician, audio engineer, and composer; and working as an acoustical consultant feels like home. An internship for a Los Angeles recording studio first opened my eyes (and ears) to the principles of acoustics. Today, I keep the love of music alive by mixing audio and playing electric bass. I continue learning about architecture, philosophy, and the arts (and how they have impacted each other over time).