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Justin Reidling

Senior Consultant

Kettering University, B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Minor: Acoustics

Firm Affiliate of AIA Silicon Valley

It’s All About the Team

The best part of working at Salter is collaborating with a team of knowledgeable and personable consultants. Each day, I strive for excellence through constructive dialogue and careful analysis. My career started as a design engineer at an automotive parts supplier. When I was ready to switch to consulting, my wife came across the Salter job posting online and told me, “This is exactly what you are looking for.” She was right, both because of the nature of the work, and because of the fantastic team of people I collaborate with every day.

Bringing History to Life

My commitment to my family is what inspires me to be my best. Several times per year, we make the time to connect as a family by disconnecting from technology and living out historical moments by participating in Civil War reenactments. It’s a great opportunity to grow together on the backdrop of history.