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Ben Bieryla


University of Hartford, B.S. Engineering: Acoustical Engineering and Music

Tau Beta Pi San Francisco Bay Area Alumni Chapter

The Intersection of Science, Math, and Music

To say I’m a music lover is an understatement: I spend about 90% of my waking hours listening to or making music. I always knew I wanted to study engineering, and when I discovered there was a field that combined science and mathematics with music, I knew that’s what I wanted to pursue. At Salter, I look forward to having a new experience each day, whether it’s engaging with co-workers or learning a new skill. In work and all parts of my life, my inspiration comes from the people around me.

A Passion for Songwriting

As a student, I was heavily involved in my high school bands and making music outside of school. Listening to music, playing music, and writing songs keep me connected to my passion. I also love traveling to the United Kingdom, where I have dual citizenship, and the Blue Ridge Mountains back home in Virginia.