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Sybille Roth


University of Applied Sciences, Hamburg, B.S. Media Technology: Audio Engineering and Sound Design

Allied Member of AIA San Francisco

In Pursuit of Elegant Design

Acoustics are a constant influence in our daily lives, and that’s why I find my work so gratifying. Contributing to the sonic development of residential, commercial, and entertainment spaces nurtures my fascination with soundscapes and how they shape our society (especially as we spend more and more time indoors) I strive to deliver practical information in a readily accessible format for a higher understanding of the science behind our work. My expertise includes sound isolation, room acoustics, mechanical noise. Every day, I am honored to work alongside such brilliant minds and call myself part of the Salter team.

Sensory Savant

I am a lifelong student of sound technology and how it intersects with real-world engineering. The sensory experience calls to me on many levels: at home I am an avid cook. I use my creativity to experiment with the many tastes and aromas of new plant-based recipes. I also have a deep appreciation for cinema, which led me to a career in film sound design, before I discovered architectural acoustics. As a “fun fact”, my very first work experience as a 15-year old was in an architecture firm.