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Skyler Carrico


Purdue University, B.S. Multidisciplinary Engineering: Acoustical Engineering, Vibrational Engineering

Audio Engineering Society, Purdue University

The Pursuit of Innovation

My intention is to develop an expansive understanding of the science of sound through the study and practice of acoustical engineering, and to understand the uses and applications of sound through the vast array of industry and technological innovation that it entails. Specifically, my interests lie in architectural and room acoustics, and digital signal processing for audio and acoustics. I look up to and am inspired by our team’s highly accomplished experts for their far-reaching impact, specifically within the industries of performing arts and cinema. My daily aspiration is simply to make places sound better, enhancing and improving the experience of occupants or listeners. The camaraderie with my colleagues, especially while working together on a challenging task or data analysis, is especially rewarding.

Capturing a Moment and Place

For me, the mark of a true master is self-sufficiency and calm stability under pressure. These values have attracted me to practices like mindfulness and meditation in recent years, and I spend much of my free time engaging in these studies. My passion projects include analog (film) photography and filmmaking, which have become my most cathartic and invigorating modes of expression. To quench my thirst for adventure and connect with nature, I often take my old VW camper van to places like Big Sur or the Sierra Nevada mountains for weekend getaways. Backpacking through the Sierra high country and hiking around Marin County’s public lands with friends and a film camera at sunset are some of my very favorite ways to recharge.