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Niko Abenoja


Santa Clara University, B.S., Mechanical Engineering

Marrying Form to Function

I strive to bring a fresh perspective to the field of acoustics by blending technical knowledge with a passion for creativity. I believe spaces work best when designed with an understanding of what will function best for the people that will occupy them. With that in mind, I also value the aesthetics of a space. From university to beginning my engineering career at Tesla I learned that marrying form and function can elevate the overall experience of one’s environment. At Salter I characterize my work by my commitment to incorporating this into the acoustical aspects of my projects.

Joy through Design

I value optimism and try to infuse that mindset in many aspects of my life, including my hobbies. I have a 3D printer at home that I use to print new designs for household items. I endeavor to create designs that embrace both beauty and function, making the lives of anyone who would use them simpler and brighter. I would love to open a shop that sells my designs so I could share the joy I feel when using a well-crafted and aesthetically pleasing product.