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Marva De Vear – Noordzee

Executive Assistant

City College of San Francisco, Certification in Office Technology

A Dedication to Quality

I pride myself on my thorough, conscientious nature. Quality is important to me, and I return each day with a goal of producing better work than the day before. I’m constantly inspired by Salter’s honest and compassionate interactions with our clients, and am honored to be on a team that values its people so highly. In my native country of Suriname, I started out working as an administrator in various capacities before immigrating to the United States. I then studied and worked at City College of San Francisco where I earned a Certification in Office Technology.

The Multi-Talented Creative

At heart, I consider myself innovative and regularly express myself through artmaking practices. I grew up in South America where my family placed great value on originality. I incorporated this into a love for sewing and fashion design, making the majority of my own clothing by hand. I also co-founded a family-run spice factory and I still develop my own spice blends for home cooking. When I have extra time for my creative pursuits, I enjoy baking and decorating cakes, as well as crafting handmade jewelry.