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Jodessa Cortez

Accounting Associate

San Francisco State University, B.A. Child and Adolescent Development: School Age

Curiosity Junkie

Numbers are my go-to tool for determining the health of a business and encouraging growth. With an eye for nuance and detail, I make Salter’s billing procedures simple and easy. I often play detective on the client’s behalf, breaking down complex project forms into organized, clear financial records. I take pride in being the first of my family to graduate college (as a working mom, no less) and continue to look for challenges and growth opportunities at every turn. Salter first hired me as an administrative assistant and I pursued accounting to do more for the company and myself.

Fueled by Good Company

The uplifting energy of my team keeps me coming back: each individual encourages me to do better and be better. At home, the welfare and future of my kids is what gets me up in the morning. Our best times together are spent on the shores of Hawai’i. Fun fact: I love music and will always sing along, even if it’s off key.