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Hester Ng

Senior BIM Consultant

University of Hawaii at Manoa, B.EnvD., Architecture

iBwave Public Safety Certified

Improving Our Way of Life

Every project is an opportunity for me to learn and design in three primary disciplines of low-voltage technology: audiovisual, telecommunications, and security. My curiosity to improve our collective way of life, especially through better and more reliable communication systems, led me to a career in technology. My work is dedicated to the evolution from traditional structures to smart buildings with a focus on space utilization and energy management. At Salter, I am always looking for improved design solutions. My fulfillment comes from solving problems, creating designs, and producing projects with peers who share my value of positivity, inclusivity, and teamwork.

Feats of Ancient Architecture

I first started studying architecture to understand how ancient large-scale buildings such as the Great Pyramids, Great Wall of China, Taj Mahal, Machu Picchu, Chichen Itza, and Roman Colosseum were constructed before the dawn of modern technology. Art, music, and home improvement have always been natural interests of mine. For example, one of my favorite personal projects was working alongside my uncle to repaint my parent’s entire house inside and out. My free time is often spent with my family and two beautiful dogs, Casper and Peanut. We hike and take trips together, most recently embarking on a road trip to Los Angeles.