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Greg Enenstein


Stanford University, B.S. Mechanical Engineering

University of Texas at Austin, M.S. Mechanical Engineering: Acoustics

Firm Affiliate of AIA Silicon Valley

The Critical Thinker

I’m motivated by the possibility to learn something new every day. Especially if it relates to putting metrics and methods to acoustical environments or solving unique mechanical and environmental noise problems. You can often find me working to improve room acoustics for commercial offices and educational buildings. With a high value for critical thinking, each challenge gets me closer to the expert I strive to be.

The Impact of a Good Book

It all began when I was 12 years old and wanted to design roller coasters when I grew up. That’s how I ended up on the engineering track and, more specifically, in a musical acoustics course from industry pioneer Thomas Rossing. I was immediately hooked. I pursued graduate school to get a full technical grasp of the underlying mathematics of acoustics and came across a book by Salter. I was impressed by the wealth of information and Salter became my first choice; luckily, the firm thought the same of me. Writing music, playing guitar, singing, and recording keep me busy on the weekends. My biggest fans? Two nieces, ages four and seven.