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Brian Wourms


San Francisco State University, B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Minor: Computer Science

A Mind for Mechanics

The acoustics field satisfies both my basic necessities: to understand how things work and to never stop learning. Sound can be broken down into basic physics and psychology, and at the same time, there’s always something new to discover about this complex phenomenon. I specialize in technical analysis and instrumentation and am known for helping my team understand complex equipment. My time is dedicated to knowing how things function down to the most basic level, from acoustical products and testing procedures to measurement equipment and software.

Impacting Generations to Come

I consider myself lucky to do work that indulges my innate curiosity while improving so many lives. Each day, I step back to appreciate how my team is designing the most advanced buildings of our time. The decisions we make today will impact every person that steps foot in the building for generations to come. At home, I am an avid gardener and fantasize about someday growing all my own food. When not building home and garden automation devices, I join my wife, daughter, and son for weekends at the lake.