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Adrian Lu, PE

Senior Consultant

University of Salford, M.S. Audio Acoustics

Drexel University, B.S. Architectural Engineering

Pennsylvania: Engineer in Training No. ET01973

All About the Experience

As an acoustical consultant, I specialize in mechanical noise and vibration analysis for projects ranging from single-family homes to large-scale data centers. By collaborating with clients in the design and construction process, I contribute to the positive acoustical experience of all who use the completed space. This has always been rewarding for me: one of the best parts of my job is hearing how clients notice a night-and-day difference after my work to mitigate noise issues.

Guided by Words

I was a bookworm before I was an acoustician. This field caught my attention early through many readings, from future-inspiring science fiction authors like Asimov and Heinlein to non-fiction writings by DaVinci and Benjamin Franklin’s biographer. I ran my own company before joining the Salter team, designing a control room for a notable sound studio and a Helmholz Resonant absorber for a popular Philadelphia recording studio. On the weekends, I enjoy late night bike rides around San Francisco and playing my guitar.